Postharvest Technology Innovation Center

Postharvest Technology Innovation Center, Thailand

Research Direction and Focus

Research Direction and Focus

PHTIC is aiming to deliver superior quality research that widen up the knowledge on Postharvest Technology, leading to PHT innovations applicable for solving PHT problems while implicate strong economical benefits for the country, and at the same time serves as the channel for establishment of collaboration with productive sectors. Our policy focused on research for the purpose of finding new PHT knowledge, techniques, and innovation on major durable & perishable crops with high economical value, leading to PHT loss reduction, value added for crops, crops quality improvement, and increase efficiency of PHT handling.

Research Direction

Research Focus

PHT Loss Reduction – Loss Assessment
– Logistics

  • – Handling Protocol
  • – Storage Conditions
  • – Packaging Materials & Design
  • – Management

– Machinery Development / Improvement

PHT Quality Improvement – Food Safety Improvement

  • – Mycotoxin
  • – Pesticide Residue
  • – Microorganism

– Shelf Life Extension

  • – Physiological Basis
  • – Molecular Basis
  • – Physical Basis

– Non-destructive Quality Assessment
– Equipment Development / Improvement

Increase Efficiency
of Postharvest Handling
– Supply Chain / Logistics
– Energy Consumption
– Resource Utilization

  • – Human Resources
  • – Capital Resources

– Management of Waste / Environmental Issues
– System Improvement

PHT Value Added – Non-destructive Quality Assessment
– Organic Produce
– Chemical Alternative
– Waste Utilization
– Technology Development / Improvement

Emphasize on Research of Important Economical Crops

Durable Crops Food Crops – rice, corn, and other crops
Non-food Crops – rubber tree and other crops
Perishable Crops Food Crops – mango, rambutan, mangoesteen, lychee, longan, longkong, citrus, vegetables, and other crops
Non-food Crops – flowers, ornamental plants and other crops
Energy Crops cassava, sugar cane, oil palm, and other crops