Postharvest Technology Innovation Center

Postharvest Technology Innovation Center, Thailand


Well equipped laboratories with skilled researchers

CMU- Chiang Mai University (Postharvest safety)

Laboratories at Chiang Mai University
-Sample preparation room -Physical properties lab.
-Physiology lab. -Chemical properties lab.

KU- Kasetsart University (Postharvest Biology)

Laboratories at Kasetsart University
-Physiological Lab. -Chemical/Physical Prop. Lab.
-Plant Pathology Lab. -Plant Micro-Technique Lab.
-Molecular Lab. -Machinery Lab.
-Packaging Lab.

KKU-Khon Kaen University (Postharvest Machinery)

Laboratories at Khon Kaen University
– Drying & Storage Technology Lab. – Agricultural Machinery Lab. – Physical Properties Lab.
– Agri. Material Properties Lab. – Agricultural Machinery Efficiency Lab.
– Electrical Engineering Lab. for Agriculture – Rice Husking Lab.

KMUTT- King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Postharvest Logistics)

Laboratories at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
-Postharvest Technology of Seeds -Postharvest Physiology
-Postharvest Pathology -Postharvest Molecular Biology
-Postharvest Storage System -Postharvest Quality Assurance
-Produce Packaging -Physical Properties of Biological Materials
-Postharvest Handling of Ornamentals