Postharvest Technology Innovation Center

Postharvest Technology Innovation Center, Thailand

Background and Rationale


Postharvest Technology Innovation Center (PHTIC) is one of Chiang Mai University’s forefront center of excellence, comprehending postgraduate education,research development, technical services, and industrial participation in the field of postharvest technology. Established under the name of Postgraduate Education and Research Development Project in Postharvest Technology”, during Phase I operation (year 2000 – 2005), it initiated a successful cooperation network between personnel of Chiang Mai University, Kasetsart University, Khon Kaen University, and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. In Phase II (year 2006 – 2009), with the name changed to “Postharvest Technology Innovation Center”, it had incorporated five additional members namely Maejo University, Naresuan University, Prince of Songkla University, Suranaree University of Technology, and Ubon Ratchathani University.

Postharvest Technology Innovation Center (PHTIC) has been supplying the country with high quality graduates in the field of postharvest technology, while at the same time provided research output as well as efficient transfer of technology to productive sectors. Output from both Phase I and Phase II have well reached all of its aimed target and objectives with continuous supply of postharvest technology manpower for the labour market. Implication of PHTIC’s research output had solved national postharvest problems creating competitive advantages for Thai produce exports in the global market, thus bringing on increasing income for the country. However, for Thailand to keep up with the changing world market, further research and development in postharvest technology is essential.

Year 2000

Selected by MUA (at present CHE) as one of the
seven priority centers of excellence.

Year 2000 – 2005

Phase I Operation
Initiating the establishment of cooperative PHT network between CMU, KU, KKU, and KMUTT by encompassing postgraduate education, research, technical services, and collaboration with productive sectors.

Year 2006 – 2009

Phase II Operation
Expanding of network with new members — MJU, NU, PSU, SUT, and UBU.
Emphasizing on increasing of Ph.D. students, more apparent research focus, and formation of PHT research groups among academic/research staff of participating universities, in order to tackle the present and future national PHT problems.